You are looking to find the perfect gift, but you are without any idea of what to get. You know you want to give a great caring gift, and you know your friend is big into sustainability (a very cool friend!) but you still just don’t really know what to give them. So what will it be? Let your favorite period panty brand help guide you towards the perfect gift!

What are thoughtful gifts?

It’s not always easy to find the right gift idea, but most of us believe it’s actually the thought that counts, when it comes to gifts and not so much about the actual gift. This is about the love and thoughtfulness that is behind the gift. When a gift has the three elements – practical application, personal value and symbolic meaning, it can be the most caring and valued gift of all. Let’s add sustainability into the gift as well, shall we? Here are some ideas that will turn you into a master sustainable gift giver!

What are some useful sustainable gifts?

Although any gift is thoughtful, it is so difficult to choose the right one! You want to give a great gift which is special or maybe something new and inspiring that they never knew they needed. A good useful gift is often something the receiver can easily put into use, and something that can help make the day more convenient. And let’s be honest, we always want to see a happy reaction to our gifts and have the feeling the recipient will actually use it. So without further ado, here are our five top green gifts to bring joy to your sustainable friend!

7 green gifts that will make a green living person happy

Green gifts are always a safe winner to someone living sustainable, and here you find a list of 7 great gift ideas that are sustainable.

1. Sustainable water bottle:
Help eliminate the large waste of plastic bottles with a sustainable water bottle. Not only will this gift help with minimizing all the plastic waste but also help keeping the water inside the bottle either cold or warm. Also: #stayhydrated. It’s a great useful gift, which comes in many varieties and the possibilities of personalizing them. Replace the plastic bottle with a sustainable water bottle, and you’re set for years with a great water bottle.
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2. Period panties
If you’re looking to buy a convenient, useful and sustainable gift that really helps prevent waste, a period panty would be the right gift  for your menstruating friends. With a vegan  period panty, they can start limiting their contribution to the enormous waste of tampons and sanitary towels. The panties are reusable, and can be used over and over again. A cold rinse with water and a wash in the washing machine and then they’re good as new. And btw. They’re super comfy, so maybe it’s time for a gift to yourself too? ;) 

This is for instance the comfortable Sexy Hipster Diane menstruation panty 
- Looks great right?
Photo: Lea Scherer

3. Stainless steel straws
Finally, no more buying new straws. With a stainless steel straw, you can easily enjoy drinking your smoothies with a straw, without being worried about putting more plastic waste into this world. The straw is the perfect gift for someone that loves using a straw but is trying to avoid the plastic options. And bonus, the ocean would be SUPER thankful for the stainless straws, as you would help reducing the plastic in the oceans. 

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4. Cork yoga mat
Mother earth gave us cork, which we’re thankful for. Cork is a sustainable material that makes it 100% biodegradable. A cork yoga mat is the perfect gift for someone who loves yoga and wants to exercise knowing that they are using something at one with the earth as they are with themselves. Another advantage is, that if this friend maybe goes through phases with fitness, when this one is over, they can simply go and recycle it.
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5. An experience
An experience is a safe choice, when it comes to a great gift. An experience is a gift that creates long lasting memories that can always be looked back on. The options are here many, and vary all the way from a concert full of vibes to a cozy kayaking trip up the river. It’s something they will be able to keep forever, and won’t ever be thrown away or even have to be recycled.
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6. Reusable coffee cup
You’re giving a gift to a sustainable coffee fan, that loves to drink a good warm coffee on the go. A reusable coffee cup is your answer! Most big chain coffee shops are happy to fill up your cups from home (and some even give you a discount!) They come in many beautiful designs, so you can choose one completely unique to your friend or even customize it. Definitely way cooler than those boring paper cups ;)

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7. Eco-friendly shower head
You easily conserve a lot of water and reduce your water usages from day one with an eco-friendly shower head. An eco-friendly shower head is the perfect gift for someone liking their good morning showers to wake up, but aren’t too happy about how much water they use. With a gift like this you’ll make sure that the water usages will be going down. 

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What can you get someone who is environmentally friendly?

We’re glad you’re asking yourself that question, because knowing what isn’t a sustainable gift is very essential when you want to buy a gift to someone that is oriented towards sustainability.

So when you’re looking to find a sustainable gift, you’re looking to find a gift that is reusable and has its focus on reducing and limiting waste. So a non-sustainable gift would be something that is not focused on reuse and sustainability, or single-use in the worst case. To check up whether the gift is sustainable or not, you can usually check the website or the label of the product out – the product would in case of sustainability always have green certifications on it. By always looking out for these certifications you can make sure that the gift you have bought is sustainable.  

We’re aware that it is still a jungle out there, and not always easy to know what’s sustainable and what isn’t. So If you’re a greenie and interested in similar content about sustainability, you should sign up for our newsletter, you won’t regret it!