Period underwear is so easy to take care of when washing and drying them!

Our period underwear is washable and thereby reusable. To ensure that your panty stays usable for as long as possible, we recommend washing it at 40°C- 60°C on a gentle cycle in a laundry net. In general, our panties are just as durable as normal underwear. Important: before wearing your panty for the first time, put it in the wash. By doing this you activate the absorbent layer, allowing it to perform to its full potential.

Washing your period underwear - we'll show you how:

In just 3 steps, your period panty is ready for your next cycle. Remember that you should machine wash your panties at 40-60 degrees before using them for the first time.

  • Hand wash

    Rinse your period panty by hand with cold water first. Then either leave them to air dry, or put them straight into the washing machine.

  • Machine wash

    Your period underwear from KORA MIKINO can be washed in the washing machine. This is best done at 40°-60° degrees in a laundry bag together with similar colours.

  • Air drying

    Don't put your period underwear in the dryer, as doing so could damage the fabric. Instead, leave your period panties to air dry.

  • Ready to wear!

    After these 3 simple steps, your menstrual panty is ready to be worn again during your next period.

Period Pants: how to make them last

Period underwear: which detergent should you use?

It's best to use either colour or mild detergents for your period underwear. Detergent with bleach (for white laundry) damages the material.

Period panties: should I wash them in a laundry bag?

You should wash your period underwear in a laundry bag to protect them from rubbing against other materials. Zips, eyelets or sharp edges in the drum can tear holes in the fabric of fine materials such as MicroModal during the washing process.

Period underwear: what temperature should I wash at?

You should not wash your period underwear above 40-60 degrees. Too high a temperate can result in damaging the panties.

Menstrual underwear: what tips will help them last longer?

Your menstrual underwear will last longer if you handle the mesh or the lace carefully, e.g. for Diane. And remember that you should machine wash your panties at 40°-60° degrees before using them for the first time.

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