KORA MIKINO Founder Story

Removing taboos from periods: The great desire to remove taboos from the bodys natural flow.

KORA MIKINO - How it all started

Sustainable monthly hygiene: This is how garbage can be avoided

Having a sustainable hygiene every month helps to avoid huge mountains of rubbish. This is why I founded KORA MIKINO - Sustainable Femcare in October 2018 to offer sustainable alternatives.


Women startups: How did you start?

Women startups are actually a lot rarer. But for me, reusable underpants with suction was a very obvious product, so I had to do a startup. I developed the first panty in creative collaboration with 800 women and experts from textile research. I wanted to design a thoroughly fair, vegan and sustainable product that, in addition to its well-conceived functionality, also makes a valuable contribution to reducing waste and CO2 emissions. Of course, the panty should also look good and be comfortable wearing! I think that in times of climate change and resource scarcity, new and innovative solutions are needed. With KORA MIKINO we make our contribution and set a good example. My team continues to grow and I am very happy and proud to have great and committed women around me who share my vision! We at KORA MIKINO stand for an emancipated, fair and sustainable flow for everyone!


Sustainable and social startup: KORA MIKINO starts the Period Pledge

As a sustainable and social startup, people and the environment are at the center of our actions. That is why social responsibility is so important to us. We have already started: With our Period Pledge we want to give people worldwide access to menstrual products. And that without burdening the environment or creating dependencies. We are full of drive towards the future. There are endless new ideas in our hearts and minds - it's nice that you are part of it!