Our period underwear are made of the material MicroModal that feels just like vegan silk.

The fabric in our period panties is made of 90% MicroModal. The MicroModal fibres are obtained from beech wood, which comes from sustainable and certified forestry in Central Europe.

Period underwear from KORA MIKINO: The advantages you get

Period underwear from KORA MIKINO offers you many advantages. The material of our choice is MicroModal, as it is naturally endowed with many good properties. The fibers are responsible for the fact that our panties are so incredibly soft and particularly breathable. In addition, MicroModal can transport moisture well and does not absorb too much. In addition, the fiber is particularly dimensionally stable and does not wear out even after many uses. The same applies to color fastness. Even after many washes, the color will not fade on this material.

  • High breathability
  • Extra soft wearing comfort
  • Low bacterial growth
  • Sustainable forest management
  • High color fastness

Are period panties vegan?

Our period underwear is vegan and cruelty free. We produce our panties in a respectful harmony with people, animals and nature and are convinced that no animal ingredients are required to manufacture our products. Our panties are therefore vegan and certified by PETA with the official seal 'vegan approved'.

MicroModal processing stages

  • Beech wood
    MicroModal is obtained from beech trees. The beech trees originate from sustainable and certified forestry in Central Europe.
  • Cellulose
    The beech wood is processed into fibre pulp, which visually resembles paper, but is much finer and softer in reality.
  • Fibre
    The pulp is further processed into a spinning solution from which MicroModal is ultimately obtained.

Menstrual Panties - The sustainable choice

Our period underwear are sustainable, vegan and fairly produced. For our menstrual panty models Diane and High Waist Ines, we also use lace or mesh made of recycled polyester and thus bring materials that are not biodegradable back into the cycle. Recycled polyester requires significantly less energy to manufacture than newly produced polyester - but it loses absolutely nothing in terms of quality and appearance. The energy and resource-poor production of recycled polyester corresponds to our understanding of sustainability and makes our range even more beautiful.

Period Underwear: What material are they made of?

Period underwear has so far still a few artificial fibers included in the production of the panties, which we need in order to make the panties leak-proof and the absorbent layer breathable, as well as making the panties having a reliable fit (elastane). We are currently asking ourselves how we can produce a panty that consists of 100% natural fibers and still sustainable, vegan and resource-saving. In the future, we want to replace artificial fibers with recycled fibers and are working hard on our goal of being able to do without artificial fibers completely in the future.