Underwear + Smart Layer = Period Underwear

Period underwear is underwear with integrated DryLayer and SmartLayer technology. The insert in the panty includes an absorbent layer, which is just a few millimetres thick. When developing our SmartLayer technology, our first priority was making the panties comfortable. The top layer is the DryLayer and ensures that you always feel dry and directs the blood through to the antibacterial and absorbent layer within seconds. This is the SmartLayer which traps the blood, neutralises odours and makes sure the panty is breathable. It is waterproof and sealed at the bottom, preventing the panty from leaking. The feeling of wearing a period panty is different to other hygiene products as it doesn't feel moist. The absorbent layer consists of a large-pored honeycomb material.

SmartLayer Technology

  • Period Underwear: A dry feeling with the DryLayer
    In our period underwear we have built in the DryLayer, which gives you a dry feeling when wearing the panty. Blood passes through it within seconds, making the material feel soft and dry to the skin.
  • Period Underwear: Leak-proof thanks to the SmartLayer
    Our period underwear also has the SmartLayer, which makes it leak-proof. The SmartLayer is an incorporated inlay in the panty that is only millimeter-thick. This inlay makes the period panties leak-proof. The insert makes sure to absorb and trap the blood, in a way that is odourless, leak-proof and still breathable for the skin.
SmartLayer Technology

Since autumn 2020, we have largely refrained from using silver.

Since autumn 2020, we have been producing our panties without the use of biocides (the only exception: bladder weakness slip Marlene). As a sustainable company, we do not destroy any goods, so we are currently in a fluid transition. We take the textile labelling law very seriously; every panty has a label that specifies which materials and ingredients have been used.

The following styles, for example, are already completely without silver, but with a newly developed material made of MicroModal based on beech wood mixed with recycled polyester. This means maximum performance paired with sustainability. We have already had the new material tested by dermatest and it received a very good rating.

Menstrual panty Selma in red

Discharge panty Sophie

Discharge panty Naomi

Postpartum Panty Serena

Period Panty Indira

Period Panty Diane (unfortunately the label still shows silver)

Period Panty Simone (Launch Feb 2021)

Period Panty Sivvy black size 34, 36, 44, 46, 48

High Waist Hilde black,Size 34, 36, 38, 42, 44, 46, 48

Hipster Hannah black size 36, 38, 44, 48

Period High Waist Ella

Period Panty Kamala

Period Panty Emilia

Period Panty Doris

The products developed before autumn 2020 are equipped with silver technology, but neither nano-silver nor zinc pyrithione was used in the production of our panties. The silver we use is fairly produced in Germany. It ensures hygiene and freshness, even at low washing temperatures, and thus saves energy. We try to avoid the use of silver as far as possible.

We currently use silver in our bladder weakness panties. We also have some remaining stocks of our menstrual panties, which are equipped with silver technology.

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