Our vision at KORA MIKINO is a climate-neutral future that is free of the taboo around hygiene products and bodily fluids.

We at KORA MIKINO have made it our mission to revolutionize femcare with our period panties. We want to remove the taboos about menstruation and free the natural flow of all stigmas. We want an emancipated, fair and sustainable flow for everyone. We have already started: With our Period Pledge, we want to give people worldwide access to menstrual products without polluting the environment or creating dependencies.

Period Panties from KORA MIKINO [ˈkɔrə /mikino/] - This is what the name means:

Our menstrual underwear is called KORA MIKINO. The name means something like 'girlfriend' and comes from the language Esperanto - a language that was developed to improve international understanding, prevent racism and contribute to world peace. Our corporate values ​​are also based on this.

Grassroot Feminism

Removing taboos from periods is long overdue. We have had enough of all taboos and stigmas surrounding intimate body fluids! For us, the solution is equality and access to sustainable solutions. We are advocates of intersectional feminism, we want to offer all menstruating people a platform and we also need allies who do not menstruate. We develop our products together with our users. This is the only way we can implement product innovations that focus on the needs of our community. Our users are also an integral part of our visual language. In photo shoots, we therefore deliberately work with people of all sizes, shapes and races rather than professional models.

Ethical Responibility

Both humans and the environment are central to our actions. We support people in their efforts to reduce the waste generated by hygiene products. By acting transparently, we use sustainable and regional materials. We produce fairly in Germany and in the EU without compromise.

Social Entrepreneurship

Profit is not our top priority. With our Period Pledge we have anchored a social dimension, which is essential for us, in our business model. For us, all people who gain access to Sustainable Femcare is just as valuable for us as users who buy our panties.