Our Partners

At KORA MIKINO we are actively fighting together with our non-profit partners to end Period Poverty sustainably.

Project Wings & Hilo Sagrado

Project Wings is completely committed to sustainability. Similar to us, they believe in the approach of leaving self-supporting systems behind and not creating any dependencies. The largest project is a recycling village in Sumatra that was built entirely from empty plastic bottles. Project Wings will be active there with our patterns and support the women * on site in making their own menstrual panties.

Hilo Sagrado will work in the La Guajira desert in Colombia, with the indigenous Wayuu tribe, to produce their own period panties.
Matriarchy has a long tradition in traditional Latin American handicrafts and is encouraged by Hilo Sagrado to become self-sustaining communities and create micro-entrepreneurs through economic empowerment and sustainable development.

Pro Period is an initiative of the Take Action sponsorship program in Uganda. Above all, women * and girls are supported in their school or vocational training. Together with the tailor trainees, reusable pads are made for the Sanitary Pad Project and the girls are trained in how to use them. So you can take part in lessons despite your period an important step on the way to more equality!

Zanzibar Bora has been active on the island of Zanzibar since 2012 and is primarily committed to promoting the environment and health. Now the NGO would also like to specifically promote women and has committed itself to menstruation education. The declared goal is to establish a local production of sustainable pads or period pants and to remove the period stigma through targeted educational work.

  • Thanks to the panties from KORA MIKINO, the gigantic amounts of disposable waste are reduced and the environment is relieved. With the #periodpledge campaign they are now also drawing attention to the great misery that over 1.2 billion people do not have sufficient access to menstrual products! Women are helped, know-how is imparted and waste is prevented. Brilliant!
    Leonie, Project Wings
  • With the Period Pledge, Kora Mikino sets a new standard in terms of social entrepreneurship. All labels use the work of people from other regions in one way or another. While most labels try to compensate for this with "aid", Kora Mikino shares know-how and supports people to gain a foothold instead of competing with them. Chapeau!
    Amira Jehia, Drip by Drip


  • Does KORA MIKINO make sewing machines or fabrics?

    Unfortunately, we cannot cope with this in monetary terms. The patterns are so low-threshold that you could theoretically sew the panty by hand.

    When it comes to fabrics, we believe in regional solutions. We are sure that there are more suitable and regional alternatives to our MicroModal that may better suit the needs of the local people.

  • Are KORA MIKINO on site?

    No. Unfortunately, this is not possible for us as a small femtech. We also want to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. Our goal is to empower local people and not make them dependent. However, we are always available with advice and tips.

  • Does KORA MIKINO earn money from any sales of manufactured period panties?

    No. Our primary goal is the self-sufficiency of those affected on site. If this turns into a small business, that makes us all the happier!

  • How can I register as an interested NGO?

    Just write us an email to periodpledge@koramikino.de or lisa@koramikino.de

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