We are convinced that the path to a fair and social economy is regional.

The selection of a fair and sustainable production partner was not difficult. In Albstadt our idea was met with open arms and truly welcomed. Therefore, today our panties are sewn by hand with much love in Albstadt. And most importantly: we share the same principles when it comes to social and environmental standards.

Production site

At KORA MIKINO, we produce our Panties in a partnership with a textile manufacturer in the Swabian Alb. Depending on quantity and model, our products are manufactured directly on site in Albstadt, or at locations in other European countries. Our textile manufactory has almost 100 years of experience in the lingerie segment. The company is OekoTex certified and has been awarded the seal 'Assured Sustainability' by the German Institute for Sustainability and Economy.*

*Seals such as OekoTex are only valid for the audited company/company/product, i.e. our producer is certified, but we have not had the KORA MIKINO panties certified yet.

Product development

How can we make the suction layer one millimeter thinner? Who can supply us with ingredients made from recycled polyester?
These are questions that we deal with every day and these questions keep us pushing forward. During product development, we prioritize the feedback from our customers. Next to that we are also in regular contact with underwear experts and textile scientists.

Social standards

Highest processing quality, sustainable use of resources, and high social standards are implemented uncompromisingly and with conviction at our production partner in Albstadt. Our panties are made by people for people. Therefore it is absolutely essential for us that every single person involved in the production of our Panties must be treated with respect and paid fairly. As a small company, we can only achieve this by joining forces with companies that operate in an economic environment in which there are standards of safety and social responsibility for employees - which is the case in Europe.

Our production facility is staffed by absolute experts in underwear

  • Nadine
    Pattern sewer
  • Karl-Heinz
  • Reinald
    Textile Technician
  • Conny
    Logistics Manager
  • Lucio
  • Sergej