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Taking the right measurements

If you want to take the measurements of yourself, it is best to use our illustration as an example for how to do it. Since clothing can falsify the measurement, you should take your measurements on bare skin. When putting on the tape measure, it should lie relaxed around your body and not cut into the skin. Make sure that the tape measure lies horizontally around your hips, waist, and thighs and does not slide up or down.

The waist defines the narrowest point of your upper body and lies between the navel and the chest. 

To measure your hip measurement you should stand up straight and place your feet hip-width. Then place the tape measure around the widest part of your hips or buttocks.

To measure your thigh measurement, place the tape measure on the widest part of your thigh just below your bottom. Make sure that the thigh muscles are not tense when measuring.

Size overview

Most of our panties are true to size regardless of their silhouette. Therefore, the models in the size guide always wear the same style, because if you wear Slip Sivvy in 42, this also applies to our High Waist Hilde.

The only exception are our lace hipsters.

Our lace hipsters Indira, Emilia and Marion are an exception as they run a little larger than our other styles. Based on our customer feedback, we recommend you order these styles one size smaller than your usual size. The reason for this is the extra stretchy lace.

  • Marie Size 34

    Waist: 65 cm

    Hip: 90 cm 

    Thigh: 51 cm

    recommended hip measurement: 89 - 91 cm

  • Daria Size 36

    Waist: 72 cm

    Hip: 92 cm

    Thigh: 56 cm

    recommended hip measurement:

    92 - 95 cm

  • Henriette Size 38

    Waist: 69 cm

    Hip: 97 cm

    Thigh: 55 cm

    recommended hip measurement:

    95 - 98 cm

  • Miriam Size 40

    Waist: 74 cm

    Hip: 105 cm

    Thigh: 62 cm

    recommended hip measurement:

    98 - 102 cm

  • Jennifer Size 42

    Waist: 74 cm

    Hip: 110 cm

    Thigh: 61 cm

    recommended hip measurement:

    101 - 104 cm

  • Hanna Size 44

    Waist: 75 cm

    Hip: 104 cm

    Thigh: 64 cm

    recommended hip measurement:

    104 - 107 cm

  • Jessica Size 46

    Waist: 93 cm

    Hip: 118 cm

    Thigh: 70 cm

    recommended hip measurement:

    107 - 110 cm

  • Emine Size 48

    Waist: 92 cm

    Hip: 121 cm

    Thigh: 72 cm

    recommended hip measurement:

    112 - 115 cm


We also offer Hipster Hannah and Slip Sivvy in teen sizes. You can find the teen sizes in our size chart for sizes 152/158 and 164/172 here.

Our Sizes Waist Hip
152/158 55-56 cm 80-82 cm
164/172 57-58 cm 83 - 84 cm

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