The KoraCup is made of 100% medical silicone and comes with a practical 100% cotton storage bag. The menstrual cup. (18ml) is perfect as a starter model, for young people or for the lighter days of the period.

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  • comfy & secure
  • produced locally & fairly
  • vegan & reusable

Discover more about MENSTRUAL CUP KoraCup


- Fair and sustainably produced within EU

- PETA "vegan approved"

- Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on average

- Nominated for the German Sustainability Award


Please note that the KoraCup is excluded from exchange!

KoraCup: 100% medical grade silicone 

without latex, chemicals, softeners, proteins, bleaching agents, phthalates, alkylphenol, PVC, BPA, fragrances and other nonsense

Storage bag: 100% cotton


Sizes of the KoraCup:

S - diameter: 38mm, length with stem: 66mm, capacity: 18ml.

As an entry-level model, it is ideal for young people and for the weaker days of menstruation

M - diameter: 44mm, length with stem: 71mm, capacity: 26ml

Suitable for people with softer connective tissue, for the stronger days of the period and after the first pregnancy


Insert the Menstrual Cup - Here's how: 

1. Wash your hands with soap and water. 

2. Choose a comfortable position, whether squatting, standing or sitting. 

3. Fold the KoraCup into your favourite shape. 

4. Loosen up: relax the pelvic floor muscles and breathe deeply. 

5. Now insert the folded KoraCup into your vagina. The cup should be positioned correctly in the centre of the vagina and NOT directly in front of the cervix. 

6. Let go. Did it pop? Then the cup has unfolded properly and a vacuum has formed. Now the cup stays tight and in place. 

7. Wash your hands again to remove the cup, assume a comfortable position and feel for the stem with your fingers. 

Caution: do not simply pull, but gently push the cup in sideways with one finger to release the vacuum. 


Safety instructions: The cup must not be worn during postpartum flow. The cup must also be removed during sex. Never use the cup if it causes pain, in case of pain please contact a doctor directly. Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is an infection that can lead to severe organ and circulatory failure. It is caused by a bacterium. When this bacterium enters the bloodstream through an open wound or the uterus, it forms a toxin that causes shock in the body and can be fatal. Most known cases of TSS occurred during menstruation. Signs of TSS include fever, vomiting and diarrhoea, but also sunburn-like symptoms. If you experience any of these symptoms, remove the cup immediately and go to a doctor and/or the emergency room.


Before first use: Boil the KoraCup in water for 5 minutes. 

During your period: 

Simply rinse the cup with clear water and reinsert it immediately. 

After your period: 

Boil the KoraCup again for 5 minutes. Allow to dry well and store in the cotton bag. 


Do not store your cup in an airtight container.


With proper care and storage, the KoraCup will last at least 10 years.


Shipping cost 
EU: 5€ 

If you spend over 100 EUR, shipping to all EU countries is free. 

Delivery time
The average delivery time is between 3 to 7 working days. Outside of Germany shipping can take up to 14 working days. Our shipping service provider is DHL. Our menstrual panties are shipped plastic-free.

Returns & exchanges
Returns are possible within 30 days of receiving the order. You can find information on returns processing here. To exchange, please simply place a new order in our online shop. We are happy to reimburse the shipping costs for exchange orders. Please note: If you send back a period panty from a self-assembled and discounted multipack, your entitlement to the discount expires. We cannot accept single returns from pre-sorted bundles of 3.

  • The panties fit perfectly! Even after a few hours and despite heavy bleeding, everything is tight. I can definitely recommend her (...).
    Melanie K. (Germany)
  • Perfect garment! The panty is tight, safe and reliable. It leaves no odors and is washable and therefore environmentally friendly. The fabric is very comfortable to wear (...).
    Tanja M.(Austria)
  • Super comfortable! At first I was skeptical whether everything would "hold" as promised, but I have to say that wearing the panties is really super comfortable (...).
    Tabea B. (Germany)

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