Period Underwear - the sustainable alternative

A few reasons to try our menstrual underwear:

  • Save Money

    After making the initial investment for your Menstruation Panties, you'll save money in the long run. Our users typically reduce their expenditure on hygiene products by an average of 50% in the first 3 years after buying a Panty*.

  • Avoid Garbage

    Did you know that by using disposable hygiene products, you produce up to 12kg of waste within 3 years? By wearing a menstrual panty, you produce only 111g of garbage over the same amount of time*.

  • Minimize CO2

    Did you know that the carbon footprint of someone who only uses pads and tampons during their period is 30kg over 3 years? The CO2 emissions of Period Panty users are only 1.5kg over the same period of time*.

  • Do Good

    Support us in our fight to end period poverty worldwide. Spread the word and awareness whenever you can! You can find out more about our Period Pledge and facts about this global issue under Period Pledge or here. #endperiodpoverty



  • I am really excited about KORA MIKINO menstrual underwear. It's great quality, fits perfectly and is very comfortable to wear.
    Tatjana H. (Deutschland)
  • As a yoga teacher, the menstrual panty is the best thing that could have happened to me. Since I've known your period underwear, I feel so safe (...).
    Julia A. (Österreich)
  • I bought this menstrual panty for a friend for her birthday. She was very enthusiastic about the design and how practical the period panty is (...)!
    Meltem B. (Deutschland)
  • Period underwear is highly recommended! As described, the menstrual hipster is smaller, sits very comfortably and does not slip.
    Janina I. (Deutschland)

What distinguishes our period underwear

Here at KORA MIKINO, we make sustainable menstrual underwear for your flow. We stand for comfortable period products that give you security. In doing so, we act in harmony with humans and nature and help to preserve the natural cycles of our environment.

  • SmartLayer Technology

    Incorporated into the crotch area of our period underwear is an invisible suction layer, which is made up of two parts: one layer that absorbs your flow, and the second layer underneath prevents liquid from leaking through. Our Period-Panties can absorb up to 30ml of fluid.

  • Comfortable to Wear

    Our period underwear is made of beech-based MicroModal. The panties are vegan, super soft and are a top notch level of comfort, feeling just like normal underwear. Our Period-Panties can be worn for up to 12 hours at a time.

  • Sustainability

    Our period underwear is produced under fair working conditions in the EU, without compromise. The panties are reusable and therefore much more sustainable than traditional disposable products such as sanitary pads or tampons.

  • Period Empowerment

    We are fighting period poverty. What does our Period Pledge mean? Together with our partners, we empower menstruating people worldwide, helping them to create their own period panties and to bring themselves out of period poverty. #endperiodpoverty

SmartLayer technology - this is how period underwear works

  • DryLayer
    Blood passes through this layer within seconds, ensuring the outer layer and material feel soft and dry on your skin.
  • SmartLayer
    The SmartLayer absorbs and traps the blood in an odourless and leak-proof way, and keeps the panties breathable.
SmartLayer technology - this is how period underwear works

Panties for pregnancy and postpartum


  • During pregnancy you may find you have more discharge: Pregnancy High Waist Naomi absorbs discharge, is super comfortable and ideal for your growing bump.
  • During postpartum you need underwear that will absorb the postpartum bleeding. High Waist Serena is the perfect companion for postpartum after roughly the second week.
  • Simply great! Finally an alternative to pads, even during postpartum.
    Midwife Kristina Lufft
  • Postpartum is a lovely but also intensive time. A comfy, breathable and absorbant panty like this, far removed from the synthetic mesh underwear, is exactly right!
    Midwife Nives Gonzalez
  • The Postpartum Panty is a great alternative to conventional pads. Panties on, and you can enjoy the postpartum time without any interruptions.
    Pauline and Veronika from the Innsbruck Midwives

Discharge is one of the most normal things in the world and the sign of a healthy vagina. As a feminist and sustainable company, we want to offer a reusable alternative to single use panty liners. We have therefore launched two discharge panties:


  • 40% of all women* use panty liners daily, creating a huge amount of rubbish.
  • 90% of the people we asked in our community wish there was a sustainable alternative to panty liners.

How do discharge panties by KORA MIKINO work?

1. Absorbent layer made of soft terry cloth
A terry cloth absorbent layer is sewn into the crotch of the panty, which is especially soft and breathable. It can absorb up to 5ml of liquid.

2. No silver technology
Our discharge panties are completely free of silver. The terry cloth absorbent layer is made of Tencel (80%) and Polyester (20%). The remaining discharge panty is made of super soft MicroModal (90%), made from beech wood, and Elastan (10%).

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